Edible Icing Images

Edible Images are printed on a icing sheet or wafer paper, with food color inkjets and run through a dedicated printer. You provide the photo and simply place printed image on a iced cake or cookie and tah dah you’re done!


Email or scan and print (NO editing):
Icing sheet – $ 12. Printable area 7.44"x 9.69"
Wafer paper – $ 10. Printable area 8"x 11"

If we do photo editing, scan and resize multi images, etc.:
Icing sheet– $ 20. min
Wafer paper –$ 20. min

To order an image, please email the following information:

Photo – large and clear photo’s work best (over 600×600 pixels)

Quantity needed

Date needed

Custom work needed – extra charge for adding writing or layouts require
at least 24 hours notice.

There is a $6 shipping cost and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the image and shipping charges.

Please send orders to: info@spunsugar.com with "EDIBLE IMAGE" in the subject line.

Add to Cart:

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