American Cake Decorating Supply Kit


Our American Cake Decorating classes require each student to have their own supplies. You may bring your own or if you do not have them, you can purchase a kit from us.

Following is the list of supplies needed for ACD Quickie. These are the items contained in the kit.


ACD Supply Kit List: Tips # 3, 6, 18, 21, 48, 69, 101, 104, 133 & 352; 2 small couplers;

# 7 flower nail; side scraper (1); 12" pastry bag (1); parchment triangles (25); 12" disposable pastry bags (10); 6 basic gel food colors; 6"-8" straight blade metal icing spatula.


Optional: A turntable is recommended for these classes, one will be provided for class use.


Kits can be picked up at Spun Sugar on day of class.

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